Accel Construction Group is a family owned and operated concrete construction              company.  Accel Construction Group's personnel has over 50 years of hands-on         concrete construction experience. We are a concrete subcontractor that performs all     types of cast-in-place concrete.  We have performed structural concrete construction in     the past, including:  wastewater treatment plants, parking garages, structural high-rise,     ammunition storage bunkers and tilt wall construction.  Presently, we have been focusing     on concrete flat-work projects including:  concrete paving (trucking centers and               warehouses), building slab-on-grade and concrete site-work.  We like to take on projects     that are unique and require more knowledge and expertise. We care about our     relationships with our clients, suppliers and employees, and are proud of our reputation     for quality workmanship and our legacy in the concrete construction business.
          Accel Construction Group, LLC